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Replenishing staff wellbeing with Lea Waters

Renowned positive psychology expert Professor Lea Waters has partnered with the Academy to develop bite-size professional learning sessions for school leaders to help replenish staff wellbeing without depleting leader energy, and the recharging power of micro moments.

From Good Intentions to Learning Engagement with Helen Street

In this webinar, Dr Helen Street provides an opportunity to broaden understanding of student behaviour by considering context and how it relates to student motivation and actions.

Recordings: Thought Leadership Series

Featuring some of the biggest names in education, our Thought Leadership Series delves into the latest research, big ideas and innovations that affect educators and students.

Academy podcasts

Conversations with some of the world’s biggest thought leaders in education. Listen below, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Practitioner inquiry with Christopher Hudson and RMIT’s Amanda Berry

In this episode Chris and Amanda delve into the power of teachers engaging in practitioner inquiry, both individually and collectively. They unpack self-study and consider the dispositions and traits that teachers need to successfully critique and improve their practice.

Student Engagement with Yong Zhao

Join Professor Yong Zhao to better understand and support student engagement. Consider how students can be involved in decision-making in your school and how to best engage them for impact.