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Instructional Coaching and getting to know Dr Jim Knight

Hosted by Academy Principal in Residence Simone Eirth, this episode delves into all things instructional coaching with internationally recognised thought leader Dr Jim Knight.

Academy podcasts

Conversations with some of the world’s biggest thought leaders in education. Listen below, or wherever you get your podcasts.

The power of design thinking in education

Written by Teaching Excellence Program (TEP) Master Teacher Anam Javed, this article focusses on design thinking and how teachers can promote strategic and innovative thinking in their students.

Viviane Robinson and the Academy Leadership Excellence Framework

Principals in Residence, Kendra Parker and Simone Eirth are joined by Distinguished Professor Emeritus Viviane Robinson, to discuss the Academy Leadership Excellence Framework (ALEF) and how it can be used by school leaders and leadership teams to identify, develop and support educational leadership excellence across our system.

Autism and inclusion with the ‘I CAN’ network

Principals in Residence Samantha Jeacle and Justine Mackey are joined by Chris Varney and Rachael Hamilton of the I CAN Network. In this episode, they discuss practical ways educators can support students with autism in the classroom.

Polya’s Problem-Solving Process

Polya's problem-solving process, developed by mathematician George Polya, provides a structured approach to problem-solving that can be applied across various domains.