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28 May 2024

Autism and inclusion with the ‘I CAN’ network

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    Principals in Residence Samantha Jeacle and Justine Mackey are joined by Chris Varney and Rachael Hamilton of the I CAN Network. In this episode, they discuss practical ways educators can support students with autism in the classroom. Chris and Rachael provide insights into how the I CAN Network assists teachers in aiding neurodiverse students and share personal examples of work avoidance.

    The I CAN Network

    The I CAN Network is an organisation founded by Chris Varney in 2013, with a mission to challenge negative perceptions of autism. Through respectful, peer-based programs, the I CAN Network aims to shift young individuals from an 'I CAN'T' to 'I CAN' mindset by celebrating neurodiverse strengths, passions, and shared experiences.

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    This podcast series explores, challenges and considers insights into education, school leadership and classroom learning. Views expressed by guests and hosts are their own and do not represent the Academy.

    Length: 35:37

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