Dr Marcia Devlin AM

The Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership (the Academy) is a new, unique concept in Australian education. Established by the Victorian government in 2021, the role of the Academy is three-fold.

Drawing on the recognised expertise of the former Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, leading thinkers and globally recognised authorities, the Academy creates and offers evidence-based professional learning programs, events and initiatives designed to take Victoria’s highly skilled teachers and school leaders from great to exceptional.

We work to promote a greater understanding of the high level of expertise and commitment of our teachers and school leaders and increase appreciation among the general public for the immensely positive impact that Victoria’s educators have in our kids’ classrooms every day.

We aim to drive the national benchmark in professional learning for teachers and school leaders and create an internationally recognised model for developing, implementing, evaluating and sharing new standards of teaching and leadership practice.

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Dr Marcia Devlin AM
Inaugural CEO

Last updated 16 August 2023