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19 Jun 2024

Removing the barriers of disadvantage – education and health partnerships

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    Greg Lacey is joined by principal Andrew Schneider and paediatrician Vanessa Gabriel

    Leadership Excellence Division 2023 Principal in Residence Greg Lacey is joined by principal Andrew Schneider and paediatrician Vanessa Gabriel to discuss the barriers disadvantaged communities face in accessing quality healthcare. They also delve into an innovative program in schools on the Mornington Peninsula, that works to remove those barriers for families and children.

    Andrew is the Principal of Mahogany Rise Primary School in Frankston North and Vanessa is a paediatrician working in an outreach program at the school. The Paediatric Outreach program is a partnership between a local philanthropic organisation, a local health authority and local schools that has brought health and education benefits to thousands of students. This is an insightful conversation around the challenges of leading schools in areas of disadvantage and a place-based solution that is bringing positive change for children and families. Aimed at principals but also aspiring teachers, this episode is a must listen.

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    This podcast series explores, challenges and considers insights into education, school leadership and classroom learning. Views expressed by guests and hosts are their own and do not represent the Academy.    

    Length: 32:31

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