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12 Mar 2019

Kathryn Parker Boudett sees beauty in using data wisely

How do we harness the power of data to increase equity in education? Kathy Parker Boudett talks about Data Wise, and helping people to work together to seek the truth through evidence.
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    Kathryn Parker Boudett is the Faculty Director, Learning and Teaching, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She’s an author, academic, consultant and thought-leader with a particular focus on using data to improve learning and teaching.

    In this podcast, Kathy explores the role data plays in learning and teaching, particularly the opportunity to ask important questions about our practice. She explains the 'norms of interaction', the importance of developing trust in a team, and everyone at every level taking responsibility and supporting each other.

    Discover potential traps of using data, and the positives, including the close link between equity in education and data, as well as the power of the Data Wise methodology.

    Length: 31:00

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