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09 Apr 2019

Steve Munby celebrates imperfect leadership

It’s not paint-by-numbers, and there’s no rule book – so how do we lead ourselves and others to make the biggest difference in our schools? Steve Munby talks about power and love and the strength of imperfect leadership.
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    Steve Munby is a lifelong educationalist. He is an expert in the field of school improvement and works as a lecturer and a consultant with numerous international organisations.

    In this podcast, Steve talks about how he got into educational leadership – from the challenges to the importance of modelling leadership, mentoring and understanding that change takes time. Steve explores his concept of imperfect leadership and why it should be recognised and celebrated. He describes the hallmarks of leaders who recognise their imperfection, and the iterative nature of leadership. He puts the opportunity to lead at number one in the top five things you need to be an effective leader.

    Discover where Steve believes school and network leaders should focus their energy and what excites him most about the future of education.

    Length: 32:00

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