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12 Feb 2019

Valerie Hannon says we need to question what learning is for

We live in a time of unprecedented change. Valerie Hannon believes our education systems are lagging behind.
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    Valerie Hannon has worked as a teacher, researcher, director of education, independent consultant, and author. She’s also a founding partner and co-chair of the Global Education Leaders Partnership.

    In this podcast, Valerie shares what it is about education that drives and inspires her – from her early schooling, doing her masters with David Hargreaves and, most importantly, working with students in different capacities to help change their lives. She discusses the privilege of engaging with people around the world who are trying to create systems for learning that will create change-makers. Valerie also delves into what inspired her to write her book and what she means when she talks about thriving as a holistic concept.

    Discover more about learner agency, who influences Valerie's thinking, and which education systems are on the right path.

    Length: 33:00

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