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12 Feb 2019

Tony Mackay knows the power of networks and partnerships

Global educational influencer Tony Mackay talks about the importance of collaboration in driving the ‘good work’ of change. How do we connect with others to do that work collectively?
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    Tony Mackay has been described as an ‘educational influencer’. He has participated in and led some of the most significant work in education in recent decades. Tony is President and CEO of the National Center on Education and the Economy in Washington DC.

    In this podcast, Tony shares some of the high and lowlights of his leadership journey – from classroom to system – all over the world. He discusses his strong desire to transform our learning systems, and how he's held on to his passion, energy and ambition for change, despite knock-backs along the way. He emphasises the importance of collaboration – a shared vision and mission, deep relationships, investing in others and a collective purpose.

    Discover what Tony means when he talks about a learning ecosystem, why he's been referred to as the 'great connector', and why school leaders need to be adaptive, constantly growing and contribute to their community, network and the wider system.

    Length: 32:00

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