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15 Apr 2024

Instructional Coaching and getting to know Dr Jim Knight

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    Academy Principal in Residence Simone Eirth, with internationally recognised thought leader Dr Jim Knight

    Hosted by Academy Principal in Residence Simone Eirth, this episode delves into all things instructional coaching with internationally recognised thought leader Dr Jim Knight.  

    This is a great episode for principals, assistant principals and aspiring school leaders as it provides practical strategies and insights into supporting and empowering educators and school staff, and how to better understand yourself as a leader. They also touch on compassion and the importance of treating yourself as you would a friend, and how self-criticism can negatively impact not only educators but people in general.  

    Jim joined the Academy for a 5-day instructional coaching program at our East Melbourne site – 41 St Andrews Place. In partnership with Growth Coaching International, educators from across the state delved into globally significant ideas and techniques aimed at deepening their leadership understanding and skillsets. 

    Who is Dr Jim Knight?  

    Dr Jim Knight is a Senior Partner of the Instructional Coaching Group (ICG) and a research associate at the University of Kansas Centre for Research on Learning. 

    He is renowned for his expertise in instructional coaching and has authored several influential books on the subject - including "Instructional Coaching: A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction" and podcast series "Better Conversations." With extensive experience in professional learning, Jim Knight works to empower educators and promote instructional excellence.  

    Learn with the Academy 

    With online programs and sites all over Victoria, professional learning has never been so accessible. Explore our professional learning to find the training and support you need at your career stage to lead change and improve student outcomes. You can use the filter function on our website to find your closest Academy site.  

    This podcast series explores, challenges and considers insights into education, school leadership and classroom learning. Views expressed by guests and hosts are their own and do not represent the Academy.

    Length: 37:09

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