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08 Apr 2024

Viviane Robinson and the Academy Leadership Excellence Framework

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    Academy Principals in Residence, Kendra Parker and Simone Eirth, have been working on embedding the Academy Leadership Excellence Framework (ALEF) and to develop resources for schools to foster excellence in educational leadership.  

    In our latest podcast episode they are joined by Distinguished Professor Emeritus Viviane Robinson, to discuss the ALEF and how it can be used by school leaders and leadership teams to identify, develop and support educational leadership excellence across our system. Viviane collaborated with the Academy to create the ALEF and is a thought leader in education and leadership development.

    Aimed at school and system leaders, middle leaders, teacher leaders and anyone who aspires to leadership, this episode will help you consider the capabilities, dispositions and domains required to be an effective, excellent leader.

    The Academy’s Leadership Excellence Framework sets out the capabilities and dispositions for excellence in leadership, from teacher leader to principal.  

    The ALEF sets our 3 capabilities and 4 dispositions that enable excellence in leadership:


    • Using relevant knowledge
    • Solve complex problems 
    • Build relational trust


    • Interpersonal courage
    • Open-mindedness 
    • Empathy 
    • Perseverance

    Find out more on the Academy Leadership Excellence Framework.  

    This podcast series explores, challenges and considers insights into education, school leadership and classroom learning. Views expressed by guests and hosts are their own and do not represent the Academy

    Length: 37:32

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