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29 Apr 2024

Leadership excellence - Executive Class Principal experiences, challenges and positive impact

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    In this episode, Academy Principal in Residence Justine Smyth is joined by executive class principals Gail Hardman and Prue Pisani who currently work in Differentiated Support School Improvement (DSSI) in the Northwest Victorian Region. Prue Pisani commenced her executive class principal role in a school and recently moved into the DSSI role to support the implementation of school change at a network level.  

    This uplifting episode is aimed at school leaders, and anyone interested in school improvement. This conversation style episode delves into the complex work of Executive Class Principals and how they raise the quality of leadership in schools by creating positive change, overcoming challenges, and connecting with school communities in a time of unprecedented challenges. Most importantly Prue and Gail share the key factors of change that have contributed to improving student outcomes.

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    This podcast series explores, challenges and considers insights into education, school leadership and classroom learning. Views expressed by guests and hosts are their own and do not represent the Academy.

    Length: 34:32

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