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Talent Management Framework

A dynamic approach to identify, develop and support individuals with high potential for leadership.
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    The Talent Management Framework (TMF) is a dynamic approach to identify, develop and support individuals with high potential for leadership – from teachers to experienced system leaders – in an intentional and systematic way.

    The TMF develops the next generation of Victorian school leaders. It supports them to strengthen their capability, and to realise our ambition of an Education State characterised by equity and excellence.

    The TMF allows you to consider a vast array of leadership qualities … some of which may not have been considered before for particular individuals … it's transparent and gives you confidence when making decisions. (Pitsa Binnion, Principal, McKinnon Secondary College​​​)​​​​​​

    For school leaders, the TMF offers a structured process. It's supported by clear guidance and helpful tools for an adaptive approach to talent management. It helps principals and their leadership team consider diversity when succession planning and create opportunities for distributed leadership.

    The TMF helps teachers recognise their leadership potential. It inspires them to build their capability and commit to a career in education. 


    The TMF is built on research that shows that highly effective school leadership – together with exemplary teaching – are the most powerful in-school influences on student learning.

    Building talented leaders supports leadership teams to foster trust, coherence and direction within their school. The TMF makes it possible for principals to encourage teachers and leaders to aspire and extend themselves.

    Implementing an approach to build leadership capability in a school leads to improved student learning and wellbeing outcomes. It also increases relational trust and transparency between leaders and staff.

    How it works

    The Talent Management Framework is based on a 3-stage process – Identify, Develop and Support.

    Each stage is supported by practical tools – including process guidelines, conversation guides, templates and questionnaires. These tools provide a clear step-by-step approach to implementing the TMF in a school or network context.

    3 stages of the Talent Management Framework


    High-potential leaders are identified based on 3 criteria – performance, potential and readiness. The criteria are inclusive of age, gender and personal circumstances. Individuals can be nominated by the regional or school leadership team or self-nominate.


    This stage focuses on building leadership capabilities so high-potential leaders are ready to take on future opportunities and excel. It's tailored to meet individual learning needs in a variety of contexts.

    There's a strong emphasis on creating learning opportunities in the school, as well as across the network. This includes learning from others and formal learning.


    This stage provides ongoing support with feedback and mentoring through formal and informal channels. It helps leaders remain engaged with their development and progression.

    It's an efficient and effective way for leaders to identify and engage with a broad range of individuals – both within and outside their schoolto help with their development. It also gives them insight on the strengths and gaps in their support network.

    Leadership Steps

    The Leadership Steps outline the different leadership roles that exist between early teacher and system leadership. They articulate what performance looks like under each level to help individuals develop and schools to succession plan.

    Principals and leadership teams map the high-potential leader's capabilities against the Leadership Steps to identity strengths and gaps in their leadership skills.

    Importantly, Leadership Steps show pathways for all teachers, not just those on the leadership journey.

    Talent Management Framework Leadership Steps




    School leaders can participate in our half-day Implementing Talent Management workshop to better understand the TMF.

    Learn more about how the framework is being used in the schools via our resources page. 

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