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22 Mar 2023

Advancing the quality and status of teaching

What does it mean to advance the quality and status of the teaching profession?
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    In this vodcast, Professor Eric Mazur, Harvard University, Dr. Claire Brown, Director Teaching Excellence Division, Academy, and Gail Bray, Director of Wyndham Tech School, discuss what it means to advance the quality and status of teaching. 
    Eric discusses the ‘moral obligation’ that educators have to develop well-rounded individuals who embrace creativity, diversity, and collaboration.  
    Gail explores the transformative learning environment Wyndham Tech School provides students and teachers. She discussed why the school is an ‘enigma in the model’ and the value placed on removing assessments as we know them. 
    Discover innovations defining the profession and empowering educators to think differently about their work and impact.

    Length: 36:33

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