The Academy's Numeracy Suite programs are grounded in developing numeracy leadership and teaching capabilities. They focus on building excellence in classroom practice, instructional leadership and embedding a whole-school focus on numeracy.

Lifting the numeracy levels of Victorian students is a key Education State goal. Children and young people need numeracy skills to flourish in education, employment and the community.

The Numeracy Suite is aligned to the Department of Education's (department) Literacy and Numeracy Strategy. This strategy brings together new and existing resources to support system-wide excellence and lift numeracy outcomes for all Victorian students.

Our numeracy programs provide educators with practical, high-quality, evidence-based professional learning. This is an integral component of the Department's strategy.

Professional learning 

The programs in the suite are for numeracy teachers, teacher leaders and school teams at various stages of professional development. Programs are designed to enhance participants' knowledge, expertise and readiness to lead and contribute to excellence and equity in numeracy.

Embedding Numeracy across Secondary Disciplines

Designed for teachers and teacher leaders this program aims to improve teaching methods and practices. With a focus on numeracy theories and teaching styles, this program will help secondary educators to better deliver curriculum to students.

Duration: 4 months

Leading Differentiated Teaching in Mathematics

Designed for F–9 teacher leaders, participants will explore how inclusive learning design in the maths classroom addresses diverse learner needs and apply their learning to develop an implementation plan for a school-based problem of practice.

Duration: 14 weeks

Leading Improvement in Mathematics Teaching

Designed for school teacher leaders (F-10) with a desire to develop their understanding of and capacity to lead teachers of mathematics and numeracy. This program unpacks the role of teacher leaders in mathematics and numeracy, and the most effective practices leading to improvement in student outcomes.

Duration: 15 weeks

Leading Mathematics

Designed for school teams to investigate, analyse and strengthen approaches to mathematics learning, teaching and leadership in their school. Teams work together to develop abilities to lead in-school investigations by using contemporary research methods and approaches.

Duration: 7 months

Numeracy Master Trainers

Designed for system leaders, teacher leaders, learning specialists and/or leading teachers who have a passion and significant experience in numeracy practice. This program will provide you with the skills, knowledge and disposition you need to facilitate Numeracy Local Leaders.

Duration: 3 months

Numeracy Local Leaders

Designed for primary and secondary math and numeracy educators with strong practice, including teacher leaders such as leading teachers, learning specialists, and curriculum leaders. Participants will develop skills to lead numeracy improvement, promoting high-impact teaching practices, and collaborate within a local area-based format.

Duration: 6 months

Science of Learning – Principles, Literacy and Numeracy

Designed for teachers and teacher leaders in primary, secondary and specialist schools. This webinar series develops teaching practice by exploring the connection between human learning, numeracy, and literacy development. It will cover key principles from the Science of Learning literature, with a specific focus on student development.

Duration: 5 weeks


The Numeracy Suite connects to an extensive range of Department of Education resources and initiatives, including the Mathematics Teaching Toolkit.


Last updated 23 August 2023