• Duration
    9 months
  • Location
  • Mode
    Face to face Online
  • Fees
    $700.00 Co-contribution

Lead whole-school literacy change and embed high-quality literacy practices. 

Leading Literacy focuses on developing the necessary knowledge and capabilities required to lead sustained literacy improvement.  

As a team, you will explore the comprehensive nature of literacy. You will examine contemporary research and teaching approaches that build skilled and motivated literacy learners.  

Participants will be supported to develop a school-based literacy initiative that aligns with their school’s goals and targets.


Designed for Victorian primary and secondary school teams to develop or consolidate a whole school literacy approach.

Each team must include a minimum of 2 members including a literacy leader or equivalent school-based staff member. 

This team structure supports a whole-school approach to literacy teaching and learning.

Applications from small schools are encouraged. 

Small schools can submit individual applications, or partner with another school in their region to apply as a team.

To participate in Leading Literacy, all team members must commit to the significant time and effort required.

If you are from a non-government school and are interested in participating, refer to our expression of interest process.


Leading Literacy is facilitated by Wilcob Education. The facilitation team includes Keay Cobbin, Danny Hyndman, Paula Heenan, Mardi Gorman, Lisa Gilby and Matt Knight.  

The Wilcob team is a multiskilled group of professionals who have both academic and practical expertise. They have extensive experience leading professional learning for system leaders, school leaders, coaches and teachers nationally and internationally.

Over 9 months, you will actively engage and contribute to:

  • workshops (5 days either face to face or online)
  • online workshop (90 minutes)
  • coaching session (30 minutes)
  • self-directed elective work requiring engagement with fellow learners online
  • school-based literacy initiative

Note: you can choose to attend Leading Literacy in person or online at the point of application.


The workshops are delivered over 5 days either face-to-face or online. 

During the workshops you will explore relevant leadership theories and general literacy content, as well as literacy content tailored to your context.

Primary and secondary school teams will explore:

  • the Academy’s leadership framework  
  • Thomas Guskey’s model for teacher change and its 3 implications  
  • how to design, develop and monitor high-quality professional learning.

Primary school teams will explore:

  • research and evidence-based approaches to teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening, vocabulary and spelling 
  • how to amplify student agency, leadership and voice.

Secondary school teams will explore:

  • disciplinary literacy and content area literacy  
  • research and evidence-based approaches to teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening and vocabulary  
  • how to amplify student agency, leadership and voice.

Self-directed and group learning

Self-directed and group learning activities (up to 5 hours per workshop) include:

  • pre-workshop readings 
  • micro-lessons associated with your school-based literacy initiative
  • contributing to discussion boards.

School-based literacy initiative 

The school-based literacy initiative (SLI) is your team’s culminating piece of assessment for Leading Literacy. 

The SLI leverages the knowledge and understanding gained in Leading Literacy, and aims to: 

  • produce significant improvement in student engagement and achievement 
  • advance teacher knowledge, understanding and pedagogical practices in an area of literacy. 

It is expected that the SLI will take your school team approximately 20 hours to complete.

Online coaching 

The online coaching session (approximately 30 minutes) is an opportunity for your team to connect with your facilitator and be supported to develop and progress your SLI.


Your team will complete online microlessons that deepen your knowledge and skills in your SLI literacy focus area.

Secondary electives include: 

  • reading 
  • writing 
  • vocabulary 
  • English

Primary electives include: 

  • reading 
  • writing 
  • vocabulary 
  • spelling.

You'll gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • current research on the nature of literacy and how literacy is acquired 
  • pedagogical approaches that are most effective in maximising student outcomes 
  • the structures, processes and practices that amplify student agency, leadership and voice in literacy learning 
  • how to implement strategies for building a whole-school literacy culture that is focused on successful and sustained literacy improvement for all students 
  • instructional leadership capabilities that positively influence student outcomes. 

The course fees are significantly subsidised by the Department of Education.

Co-contribution: $700 (tax free) for each Victorian government school participant. 

See Fees and financial support for more information.

Acceptance in Leading Literacy is dependent on a selection process.

You will need to nominate a team leader who will be responsible for completing various steps of the application process and act as the main point of contact.

Your team leader will create an account in Award Force - the platform the Academy uses to manage applications - to progress the application and address the key selection criteria.

If your application is successful, the team representative must accept the offer to complete registration.

Last updated 10 May 2023