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Literacy Master Trainers

The Literacy Master Trainers program will provide you with the skills, knowledge and disposition you need to facilitate Literacy Local Leaders. 
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Literacy Master Trainers
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    Support a system-wide approach to literacy improvement.

    The Literacy Master Trainers program will provide you with the skills, knowledge and disposition you need to facilitate Literacy Local Leaders

    As a Master Trainer, you will support a system-wide approach to literacy professional learning that builds capacity, and advances teaching and learning to improve student outcomes. 

    Master Trainers are key to unlocking the potential of the system and deliver ambitious improvements to literacy outcomes in Victoria. You will have a deep understanding of effective literacy practice and relevant department frameworks, and a demonstrated commitment to leading literacy improvement in your network or area.


    Designed for primary and secondary educators with strong practice in literacy, including principals, assistant principals, leading teachers, learning specialists, professional learning community leads, literacy and curriculum leaders.

    Regional improvement staff, including education improvement leaders, professional learning community managers, student achievement managers and members of the differentiated school support initiative are also encouraged to apply.


    Literacy Local Leaders has been collaboratively designed by Wilcob Education and the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership. 

    Area and/or network Literacy Master Trainers will deliver the course in collaboration with Wilcob Education.

    Structure of program

    Over 3 months, you will engage in and contribute to: 

    • synchronous learning (approximately 30 hours), including 6 workshop days focused on the pedagogical knowledge, and leadership skills and dispositions required to facilitate Literacy Local Leaders  
    • self-paced learning and planning (18 hours). 

    There will be 3 forums offered throughout the year to support you to network, collaborate and share best practice with other Master Trainers. 

    A half-day workshop is offered at the end of the program for Master Trainers to celebrate the delivery of their program and share experiences.  

    Master Trainer teams will attend a 30-minute online onboarding session and a 30-minute online introductory session with their facilitators before the program begins.  

    Master Trainers will also deliver at least one intake of the Literacy Local Leaders program in 2024. Each intake comprises 6 workshop days.

    Learning outcomes

    You will gain the knowledge and understanding to facilitate Literacy Local Leaders and:  

    • influence explicit, high-impact literacy teaching 
    • reflect on existing instructional practices for literacy  
    • use adaptive expertise to lead complex challenges in school settings 
    • develop and implement instructional plans that improve teaching, and enhance student learning and achievement  
    • provide ongoing feedback, assessment of understanding and skill acquisition to local leaders 
    • structure rigorous inquiry into content, design and impact within different contexts.  

    You will:  

    • build strong connections within a network of education professionals to learn, discuss and collaborate to implement literacy improvement approaches 
    • develop your facilitation and coaching skills  
    • refine your leadership skills and grow your status as an expert in your area 
    • support your career development 
    • make a systemic impact and improve learning outcomes in literacy. 

    Fees and financial support

    Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants.

    Application process

    Acceptance in Literacy Master Trainers is dependent on a selection process.  

    You will need to create an account in Award Force (the Academy’s platform) to progress your application and address the key selection criteria. 

    If you are successfully shortlisted, you will be required to attend a short interview (approx. 15 minutes). Appointments will be confirmed once interviews are completed.

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