32 Kirk Street, Moe

The Academy's Moe regional centre

The Moe regional centre is a mid-century building that has been immaculately restored to create an environment conducive to immersive professional learning. The building's state-of-the-art facilities include large learning spaces and multiple smaller remote studios for hybrid sessions.

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Email: academy.moe@education.vic.gov.au

Public transport

Parking guide

For participants and attendees, there is some short-term, metered parking nearby. Please see our parking guide below for more information. Alternatively, there are all day parking spots surrounding the Moe Academy. Please note that parking signs and restrictions can be subject to change. 

Free all-day parking

  • Gregory Lane Car Park (63 spaces)
    All day free parking. Enter via Kirk Street beside the Academy Moe building.
    Approximately 100m from the Moe Centre.
    Gregory’s Lane
  • Kirk Street (20 spaces)
    Kirk street has limited all day free parking.

Other parking

  • Kirk Street Moe, Street parking (8 spaces)
    Kirk Street Moe has limited metered parking.
    2-hour maximum stay.
  • Accessible Parking
    Kirk Street Moe also includes one accessible parking bay located directly in front of the Moe Academy.

Last updated 30 October 2023