Originally developed as flagship programs of the Bastow Institute of Educational leadership, our career-stage programs offer powerful leadership learning to help place Victorian schools among the best in the world.

Each program is designed to develop leadership capability – to prepare participants for their first leadership appointment, to consolidate their skills as school leaders, or to support their move into principalship.

Recent research shows that graduates of our career-stage programs are up to 5 times more likely to be promoted within 4 years.

The 6 programs in the suite are for aspiring and current teachers and principals. Each program is focused on building the adaptive expertise, leadership dispositions and professional practices they need to improve student learning and wellbeing.

Inspire: Local Leaders 

To prepare, develop and connect teachers with up to 5 years' teaching experience to start their journey as school leaders.

Duration: 7 months

Impact: Emerging Leaders

For teachers who have recently started in a formal or informal leadership role to explore the strategies they need to develop, challenge and improve their effectiveness as school leaders.

Duration: 8 months

Create: Middle Leaders

For teacher leaders – including learning specialists, literacy and numeracy leaders and curriculum coordinators – to develop their skills for influencing improvement in the classroom and pedagogical practices, and the confidence to lead this work.

Duration: 6 months 

Unlocking Potential: Principal Preparation

For aspiring principals with a minimum of 5 years' teaching experience working towards their first principal appointment. The program develops professional knowledge, capabilities and confidence to influence student and adult learning outcomes, collective efficacy and school-wide improvement.

Duration: 6-9 months

Connect: Assistant Principals

For assistant principals looking to explore how to use instructional and shared leadership models to solve complex problems and partner with the community to support student learning and wellbeing.

Duration: 9 months

Evolve: New Principals

For newly appointed first-time principals looking to build their strategic, people and technical skills, create strong support networks, and feel supported as they establish themselves in the principal role.

Duration: 9 months

Last updated 09 March 2023