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Our locations 

Melbourne locations 

Our Melbourne Academy sites boast a strong connection with Victoria’s learning heritage. Both sites are heritage-listed, and each has its own rich history. Our sites have been meticulously restored to create inspiring learning spaces for Victorian teachers and school leaders. 

East Melbourne - 41 St Andrews Place

Originally built in the 1850s as the Victorian Government Printing Office, our 41 St Andrews Place site was sensitively modified and restored in 2021. 

North Melbourne - 603 Queensberry Street

An exemplar of the Victorian Gothic Revival style, 603 Queensberry Street was originally designed in the 1880s by architect and historical figure Henry Bastow as State School 307. The building was modified and restored in 2012.

Regional locations

Bairnsdale - 179 Main Street

Located in the heart of Bairnsdale, gateway to the Gippsland Lakes, the Bairnsdale Academy offers two learning studios that can accommodate a range of presentation styles, a design thinking space and a remote learning studio. The recently renovated centre offers state-of-the art facilities and a modern interior.

Ballarat - 36 Camp Street

Located in the historic central business district of Ballarat, the late twentieth-century building has previously been used by both the Technical and Further Education (TAFE) system and by the Victorian Department of Education. The space comprises a learning studio, a design thinking space and 4 remote learning studios.

Bendigo - 48 Pall Mall

Located centrally opposite Rosalind Park, the Bendigo Academy comprises of a learning studio for 25 people and three small meeting rooms. This light-filled, fresh and modern building is our temporary site. Bendigo Academy is due to open a larger, state-of-the-art permanent home in 2024. This site will have multiple learning studios and a design thinking space.

Geelong - 5A Little Ryrie Street

A mid-century building that has previously been used by the Department of Education as a regional office, the Geelong centre has been immaculately restored to create an environment conducive to immersive professional learning in the southwest. The building's state-of-the-art facilities include large learning spaces across and multiple smaller remote studios for hybrid sessions.

Mildura - 97 Seventh Street

Located opposite the Murray River, the Mildura Academy offers two learning studios that can accommodate both cabaret and theatre style presentations, a design thinking space and two remote learning studios. The recently renovated centre provide state-of-the art facilities and a modern interior.

Moe - 32 Kirk Street

Located in the central business district of Moe, the Academy’s Moe centre has had several lives, including as a community facility – the Frank Bartlett Memorial Library previously operated by the Latrobe City Council. The newly renovated space includes two multi-purpose learning studios, a design thinking space and three remote learning studios.

Shepparton - 17 Sobraon Street

Located in close proximity to the Victoria Park Lake and just a short walk to the central business district, the Shepparton Academy is situated in the former Centrelink building. The newly renovated space will comprise of two multi-purpose learning studios, a design thinking space and two small meeting rooms.

Map of Victoria with Academy centre locations
Last updated 15 September 2023