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23 Oct

Women in Leadership: Build your capability and influence

Women in Leadership: Build your capability and influence provides you with the expert guidance, skills and inspiration to reach your full potential as an impactful leader.
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23 Oct
3 weeks
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Women in Leadership: Build your capability and influence
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    Lean into your leadership skills and learn to lead with confidence and impact.

    Women in Leadership: Build your capability and influence provides you with the expert guidance, skills and inspiration to reach your full potential as an impactful leader.

    This virtual workshop series offers a safe space to explore and validate your role as a leader. You will take a deep dive into what motivates you to lead and explore negative internal barriers that may be hindering your leadership progression. You will also build your leadership capacity through examination of your leadership values and vision and explore the masculine and feminine energies that drive your leadership style.

    Ultimately, this program will help you harness your ‘superpowers’ so that you can become an even more impactful leader in your school.

    Interested to learn about the Academy’s efforts to increase representation of women in Victorian school leadership? Read about what Dr Marcia Devlin AM, CEO, Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership, has to say on the matter.


    Designed for women in Victorian government school leadership positions.

    Intake to this program is open to principals and assistant principals only.

    This program welcomes participation from transgender and non-binary people. If you would like to discuss your participation in the program further, feel free to contact 


    The Academy has partnered with The Brave Group to bring this series to women leaders in Victorian government schools.

    The Brave Group co-founders Melissa Hamilton and Kelli Hays will lead this unique program to develop braver leaders.

    Melissa is the creator of the Brave Feminine Leadership interview series and podcast. Kelli is an Advisory Board Member of Curious Thing AI and mentor to executives.

    Melissa and Kelli are passionate about building braver leaders and accelerating and retaining female talent by encouraging women to lean into their feminine leadership skills.

    Structure of program

    Over 3 weeks, you are expected to engage in and contribute to: 

    • 3 x online workshops (2 hours each)  

    Each session will include up to 30 minutes of prework, as well as a ‘superpower’ activity to support you to discover your unique strengths. The activity will include short videos, a leadership inventory and journaling.  

    Workshop 1: Why do I want to lead? 

    Explore your motivation to lead and remove your limiting beliefs and unconscious barriers. Discover the two sides of the brain and remove any internal narratives that may be holding you back as a leader. You will also learn how to become comfortable with your strengths so you can leverage them as a leader.  

    Workshop 2: What type of leader do I want to be? 

    Learn about the ‘Trust Pyramid’ and explore feminine and masculine leadership. Build your leadership capability with the ‘New Style of Leadership – Leadership Values and Vision’.  

    Workshop 3: Create my leadership pathway 

    In this final session, you will discover how to influence to impact and create a compelling vision. You will also develop your understanding or feedback and how your leadership skills and knowledge influence the process of giving and receiving feedback.  

    Attendance requirements

    To successfully complete this program you will need to attend all three sessions.

    Learning outcomes

    You'll gain knowledge and an understanding of how to:

    • be more confident with stronger leadership capabilities and adaptive expertise as a female leader
    • feel empowered to influence in your school, with a greater understanding of your motivation to lead
    • create the foundations for your leadership pathway with a compelling vision.

    Fees and financial support

    Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants. 

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