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07 Aug

Risk Management

Improve your capacity to clearly identify the potential threats and opportunities in your school's operating environment.
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07 Aug
2.5 hours
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Risk Management
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    Understand the role risk management plays in driving strategic performance.

    Risk Management is designed to further your ability to navigate through the strategic challenges of managing risks in your school and helps to identify and mitigate threats to the achievement of your objectives.

    Workshops are designed to reinforce risk management knowledge and skills and provide you with the tools to develop a comprehensive risk management approach for your school.

    Risk Management is a workshop in the Strategic Management for School Leaders suite, which supports the Department of Education's (Department) commitment to lifting the organisational performance of schools.


    Designed for Victorian government school principals, assistant principals and business managers.


    This workshop is designed and delivered by the Planning, Risk and Governance Branch, within the Portfolio Strategy and Planning Division. 

    Structure of program

    Virtual workshop

    Over 2.5 hours, you'll:

    • participate in a group discussion and activities to unpack risks as they relate to school environments
    • access a range of resources including case studies and presentations.

    Pre-workshop activities

    Prior to the workshop, you will need to collate the following documentation to bring to the workshop:

    • School Strategic Plan
    • Annual Implementation Plan.

    You will also need to complete an online learning workshop. This will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete. 

    Learning outcomes

    You'll gain the knowledge and understanding of:

    • the definition of risk and its related components
    • the types of risks present in a school environment and how to identify them
    • challenges and critical risk mitigation success factors
    • Department frameworks and tools that are relevant to risk management.

    You'll gain the skills to:

    • foster a risk aware culture focused on effective risk management
    • use Department tools and resources to manage and mitigate risk in your school
    • make evidence-informed decisions about risk management
    • implement and improve governance and risk management processes. 

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