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Harvard Principals’ Centre in Australia

You will explore a comprehensive range of knowledge, leadership strategies, and tools at The Principals' Centre in Australia, specifically designed to empower Australian school leaders.
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5 workshop days
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Harvard Principals’ Centre in Australia
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    Unleash your potential to make a lasting impact on your school and its culture.

    You will explore a comprehensive range of knowledge, leadership strategies, and tools at The Principals' Centre in Australia, specifically designed to empower Australian school leaders.

    Engage in a collaborative environment with your peers to collectively explore research-based techniques and best practices.

    You will build your capacity to develop leadership plans tailored to your unique school context, ensuring effective instructional change and accelerated learning for all students.

    Collaborate with your fellow school leaders to address areas of critical importance, drawing from local learning contexts and benefiting from sessions led by esteemed Harvard faculty.

    Leave feeling empowered to take on the challenges of instructional leadership, school culture, leadership development, strategy, and family and community engagement.


    Designed for principals and school leaders from Victorian government schools.


    Designed and delivered by Harvard University, USA. Facilitators for The Principals' Centre in Australia include Katherine Merseth, Kay Merseth, Elizabeth City, Karen Mapp and Matthew Miller. 

    Please be aware that the registration process involves two steps. First, register through our website. Then, complete and submit the expression of interest form located in the application process section below.

    Structure of program

    Over 5 face-to-face days, you will have the opportunity to:

    • participate in faculty-led sessions and explore case studies, using Australia-specific examples and learning contexts
    • contribute to facilitated discussion groups and engage peers in collaborative learning and reflection
    • reflect on and hone personal leadership goals
    • develop a school leadership plan that can be implemented in multiple school settings and contexts
    • build lasting connections by engaging with faculty and fellow principals, and school leaders in your cohort.

    Learning outcomes

    You will gain knowledge and understanding of:

    • the leadership skills needed to set high expectations for instructional quality
    • how to cultivate a school culture that prioritises learning for all
    • new leadership approaches for creating change and identifying optimal conditions for student learning
    • leadership strategies informed by relevant school data
    • how to align resources and initiatives around evidence
    • how to foster student achievement and better outcomes by increasing engagement among family members, community stakeholders, and school leaders.

    For more detailed information visit the Harvard website.

    Fees and financial support

    Fully subsided by the Department of Education. 

    There will be no cost to attend as the Academy is sponsoring the tuition fee for 28 places.

    You would need to be responsible for your own travel and accommodation expenses.

    If your school has an ICSEA value under 1000 you may be eligible for a subsidy for accommodation from Harvard as well. Please indicate your ICSEA value on the application form.

    Application process

    To get started, please begin by registering on our website above. This step is crucial as it allows us to record your details in our system and ensure a smooth application process. 

    You will be notified of your success by Monday 30th September 2024.

    As part of your attendance, a presentation of your learning will need to be made at your network meeting by May 2025. The presentation will be designed and supported by the Academy.

    Access and equity criteria will apply, aiming for diversity across the state. This includes a mix of school types with rural and regional representation.

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