• Duration
    5 months
  • Location
    North Melbourne
  • Mode
  • Fees
    Fully Subsidised

Enhance your capacity to drive strategies for improvement consistently in your school.  

Leading School Improvement will develop your understanding of the connectedness of schools, regions and system efforts towards school improvement.

You will learn how to grow instructional and shared leadership approaches within your school while connecting with like-minded peers.

You will be supported to use FISO 2.0 to understand the relationship between student learning and wellbeing outcomes, school reviews, your school strategic plan and your annual implementation plan.

This course will develop your understanding of the leadership capabilities and dispositions required to use adaptive expertise to solve complex problems of practice within your school.

You will contextualise your learning through an improvement project addressing a challenge which you have identified and be supported to refine during the course. This improvement project will be a focus during course sessions and activities.

You will learn how to be strategic, flexible and agile when implementing short-, medium- and long-term changes in line with your school strategic plan.


Designed for Victorian government school principals, who have the option to invite a second participant such as:

  • an assistant principal
  • an education improvement leader (EIL)
  • a senior education improvement leader (SEIL).

Over 5 months, you will engage in and contribute to:  

  • a leadership self-audit (40 minutes)
  • online or face-to-face workshops (3 days) 
  • one-to-one online coaching sessions (four, 1-hour sessions)
  • self-paced learning tasks (10 hours).

Optional learning experiences include: 

  • thought leadership webinars (two, 1.5-hour webinars).
  • post-workshop check-in sessions (three, 1-hour sessions hours) 
  • additional one-to-one coaching sessions after the course (two, 1-hour sessions).

Leadership self-audit

This online audit will be used as a formative tool to assess your capabilities and dispositions and as an ongoing tool for leadership improvement. 

Note: you are required to complete your audit in the 2 weeks prior to your first workshop day. 

Workshop days

Over 3 days, you will engage in a series of workshops, seminars and peer-learning groups with a focus on:

  • setting direction and leveraging connections
  • defining the narrative
  • using data and evidence
  • leading learning and wellbeing
  • developing self and others
  • evaluating learning and continuously driving improvement.

Coaching sessions

Individual coaching sessions provide an opportunity to receive and build on feedback as part of a continuous path of improvement, problem-solving, and developing expertise and skills.

Coaching sessions are available to principal participants.

Self-paced learning

Self-paced learning activities in your own time (up to 10 hours) include:

  • webinars
  • professional readings
  • application of knowledge in your context.

Thought leadership webinars

Engage with contemporary research and practice related to school improvement while having the opportunity to continue to connect to your peers.

You will gain the skills to: 

  • identify the central role of leadership in school improvement  
  • diagnose the stage of development of your school 
  • determine the appropriate strategies to move your school to the next stage of its school strategic plan and operationalise this through its annual implementation plan
  • apply processes that engage staff and other stakeholders to engender their trust and support
  • increase awareness of your own leadership strengths and weaknesses to develop a personal leadership improvement plan.

Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants. 

Last updated 19 January 2023