• Duration
    2 full day workshops
  • Location
    North Melbourne
  • Mode
    Face to face Online
  • Fees
    $434.50 Co-contribution

Learn how to be an effective problem-solver and to prioritise collaboration in your school.

Leading by Learning is designed to enable you to build trust in your organisation and progress the problems of practice that may prevent you from achieving improvement goals.

You will be introduced to a new way of thinking through ‘ethical instructional leadership’, and how this results in effective problem solving, shared commitment to outcomes, and organisational learning.


Designed for Victorian government school principals, assistant principals, school leadership team members, and system leaders.


Developed by renowned education experts Professor Viviane Robinson and Jacqui Patuawa in partnership with Evaluation Associates Ltd, and delivered by Victorian Department of Education system leaders.


Leading by Learning is delivered via 2 full-day workshops.

Note: you can choose to attend virtually or in person.

Workshop 1: Understanding your interpersonal effectiveness

You will be introduced to the theory of Leading by Learning. This learning is focused on you and your interpersonal effectiveness when working with others.

This includes:

  • how to reveal, using behavioural evidence and tacit theories of action
  • the difference between a control focused and a learning focused theory of action
  • how to evaluate your practice – especially around control and learning focus
  • why unlearning control focused thinking and action is important when transitioning to a learning focused approach.

Workshop 2: Control and learning focused thinking and action

This is a highly practical session, with opportunities to apply and practice the theory covered in workshop 1.

You will be provided coaching and feedback opportunities from your facilitators and peers including how to:

  • effectively plan
  • be more learning focused in your selected conversations and meetings
  • integrate honesty and respect when evaluating the practice of others

Pre-workshop activities

Pre-workshop activities in your own time (approximately 2 hours) include professional readings. You will be provided with the reading material when you register.

You’ll learn how to:

  • be more effective in problem-solving conversations and meetings
  • reduce the ‘undiscussable’ issues in your school by building trust
  • make more impactful progress in collaboratively solving teaching and learning problems.

The course fees are significantly subsidised by the Department of Education.

Co-contribution: $395 (excl. GST) for each Victorian government school participant.

Last updated 27 March 2023