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Lead, Empower and Thrive with Emotional Intelligence

This course will teach you how to better connect, communicate and influence to improve wellbeing, remain centred under pressure and project greater leadership confidence.
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Lead, Empower and Thrive with Emotional Intelligence
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    Enhance culture and wellbeing at your school through emotionally intelligent leadership.  

    You will learn to better understand yourself and others so that you can better connect, communicate and influence.

    You will also enhance your ability to value and prioritise your wellbeing so you can remain centred under pressure and project greater leadership confidence.


    Designed for principals, assistant principals, middle leaders, leading teachers and learning specialists in Victorian government schools.


    This program has been designed by Dr Ben Palmer from Genos International and is and facilitated by acclaimed Genos facilitators.

    Structure of program

    Over 6 weeks (plus preparation time) you are expected to engage in and contribute to:

    • a pre-recorded introductory session (approximately 15 minutes)
    • pre-work: completing the Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership survey, reviewing results and creating an Action Plan (1 to 1.5 hours)
    • online workshops (12 hours).

    Online workshops

    Online workshops are weekly 2-hour sessions.

    During each workshop you will have the opportunity to engage in:

    • individual and small group tasks and activities
    • practical tools and techniques to apply in your work.

    You will receive a detailed participant workbook containing relevant resources and other information.

    In order to successfully complete this program a minimum of 4 sessions must be attended. Recordings can be made available for those unable to attend select sessions. 

    Learning outcomes

    You will learn how to: 

    • enhance your understanding of the science of emotions
    • explore the impact emotions can have on education and a school community
    • techniques to better connect, communicate and influence
    • implement strategies that prioritise wellbeing
    • learn to positively influence the way others feel
    • enhance the emotional culture of your school.

    Fees and financial support

    Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants. 

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