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26 Aug

Data-driven School Improvement

Build your expertise in using data to improve student outcomes and drive school improvement.
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26 Aug
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Data-driven School Improvement
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    Data-driven School Improvement is designed to develop the high-level data literacy skills needed to access, interpret, act on, and communicate data to support student success. 

    Participants will identify and analyse key themes in case studies and their own school’s data sets to: 

    • understand student wellbeing and learning data to inform future teaching, learning and leadership actions
    • engage in and lead professional conversations focused on data and evidence
    • identify strengths and limitations of data sources
    • identify and develop plans for action at the school level, including Annual Implementation Plans and School Strategic Plans.

    The day includes time to apply your learning to an aspect of your Annual Implementation Plan or School Strategic Plan with guidance from facilitators. Your team will improve their skills while progressing school improvement work.

    Please note, participants are required to have a functional level of knowledge on the Panorama software platform, as this course will not go into how to use the platform. 

    Panorama training and support resources


    Designed for Victorian government school principals to come along with their school leadership teams. Teams can be made up of principals, assistant principals, leading teachers, learning specialists, or any school leader in charge of driving data-informed practice. Team size can vary by school.  Principal class members should attend with their team to drive school improvement.


    Designed and delivered in collaboration with Cognition Education, a global provider of expert education consultancy services with a focus on improving education outcomes for all learners. 

    Cognition Education bring experience providing the Department of Education’s course - Enriching Data and Evidence Practices.

    Structure of program

    In the six-hour session participants will gain a deep understanding of how to interpret data and plan for actions at a school level.

    Pre-workshop activities and requirements

    Prior to the workshop, participants will:

    • complete required pre-reading
    • pull school data sets, or have access to their school's data sets
    • either complete training in Panorama, or acknowledge that they have the required skills. 

    Panorama training and support resources

    Learning outcomes

    Participants will develop their data literacy skills in practical ways, to improve how they:

    • understand the data sets available to schools, what they contain and how they can be used for School Strategic Plans and Annual Implementation Plans
    • analyse key data sets that inform planning for school-wide improvement
    • identify and explore key themes emerging from your school’s datasets and case studies. 

    Fees and financial support

    The program fees are fully subsidised by the Department of Education.

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