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14 Dec 2023

Meet Jackie Haines, Manager, Bendigo Regional Centre

Jackie Haines, Manager, Bendigo Regional Centre

Jackie Haines, Manager, Bendigo Regional Centre

Jackie Haines is an experienced primary school teacher, instructional coach, regional professional learning community manager and principal. Jackie and her team strive to create a welcoming and inclusive space that provides exceptional professional learning experiences.

The best part of my job is…

I thoroughly enjoy welcoming teachers and school leaders into our centre, and watching their openness and commitment to professional learning. Michael Fullan talks about the need for leaders to be co-learners. At the Academy’s Bendigo centre, we are lucky to provide a space that sees this in action every day. I love working in Bendigo. It is so beautiful to see the seasons change around us and to be so close to variety of beautiful landmarks.

What education means to me…

Education is about equity of access, individual and collective growth, and connection beyond self. I am passionate about inclusive education; I don’t think we have landed there yet but the huge investment and commitment in this area is promising. Schools can no longer be ‘one size fits all.’ We need to think about what needs to change in the school to cater for students rather than what students need to change to fit into schools.

One of my fondest memories from working in a school is…

I love the diversity across each day. The joy and spark in the eyes of young people when something clicks. The thrill and rush in the fast-paced environment. Plus, I love the conversations with adults at the school gates and with children while on yard duty.

The best place to get coffee near the Academy’s Bendigo centre is…

Chonky or Hustle or Percy and Percy. I’ve recently purchased a coffee machine to use at home, so I don’t spend too much on takeaway coffees, but when I have one I try and spread the love.

My favourite subject at school was…

Art and modern history were my favourite subjects. I loved the independence, creativity and freedom in art and photography classes. I then majored in history as part of my Arts degree.

The programs I am most excited to offer local educators are…

I recently participated in Leading Quality Conversations and loved the 2-day course. It’s challenging, practical and enjoyable. We learned how to better build trusting relationships, solve problems together, and have open and honest conversations at work. Top stuff!


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