23 July 2020

Dr Ryan Dunn on Managing Complexity in Schools

Discover how to use adaptive approaches to respond to challenges and create more agile and future-focused learning in your school.
  • Video
  • Seminar

Schools are inherently complex places, and this complexity has only been heightened in recent times. With no map to guide us, how do we build school resilience in the face of continual change?

In this webinar, educator and scholar Dr Ryan Dunn explores how to cultivate cohesive, empowered teams ready for change and innovation. Leaders must focus on the power of the team, harnessing collective expertise and building shared ways of working to create a sustained impact.

Developing an adaptive mindset, an acceptance of ambiguity, is also key to thriving in uncertain times. Dunn proposes schools respond to persistent challenges through adaptive processes, to test and learn through rapid, iterative cycles, to establish workable solutions.

This resource was developed by the former Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership.  

Length: 1:00:08


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