Importance of Leadership to Teacher Collaboration, Collective Efficacy and Achievement

Instructional leadership is crucial to the development of teacher collaboration.
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Effective instructional leadership has a positive snowball effect. It impacts the development of teacher collaboration for instructional improvement, which leads to collective efficacy, which then improves student outcomes, write Yvonne L. Goddard, Roger D. Goddard and Greg Cameron.

When school leaders support teachers’ collective work on instruction, instructional improvement occurs. This leads to greater collective efficacy – the shared belief that school staff can have a positive impact on student achievement.

Instructional leadership is crucial to the development of teacher collaboration. Focusing on a team’s talents and developing a common understanding of process, goals and communication are key to establishing effective collaboration.

Discover how to support instructional improvement through effective collaboration, and to increase collective efficacy, which is essential to student learning and a positive work environment for teachers.

This article was prepared for Horizon: Thought Leadership, a publication of the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership, Department of Education and Training, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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Last updated 12 April 2022