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    4 weeks per course
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    DET Fully Subsidised

Develop your school leadership skills and gain a formal qualification from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Applications for the Academy subsidised places close 26 May

The Certificate in School Management and Leadership (CSML) provides you with frameworks, skills and knowledge to effectively lead and drive change improvement in your school.  

A collaboration between the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Business School, CSML integrates expertise in managing teams and organisations with best practices in educational leadership. 

CSML comprises the following 4 courses, which can be completed individually or as part of the CSML qualification in any order over a period of 1-2 years. 


CSML and each of the 4 courses are suitable for Victorian government school principals and leadership teams.  

While principal-only applications will be considered, we recommend that teams include a principal and 2 members of their leadership team - this is to help consolidate learning at the school level.  Additional participants can be added at the expense of the school.


Developed by Harvard and facilitated by: 

  • Mary Grassa O’Neill, Senior Lecturer on Education, Faculty Director, School Leadership, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Monique Burns Thompson, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, CSML Faculty Co-Director, Harvard Business School
  • Allen Grossman, Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School. 

Hosted on the innovative Harvard Business School online learning platform, CSML courses are entirely virtual, highly interactive, and case-based.  

Each of the 4 courses takes place over 4 weeks and includes: 

  • weekly activities to learn and network with a global group of participants - activities involve faculty-led videos, readings, individual reflection and interactive tasks 
  • approximately 3 - 4 hours of independent learning each week. 

Each course module must be completed within the allocated week. 

Leading Change 

  • Module 1: the Adaptive Leadership Framework (16 June to 22 June) 
  • Module 2: The Application of Adaptive Leadership (23 June to 29 June) 
  • Module 3: Culture (30 June to 6 July) 
  • Module 4: Equity (7 July to 13 July) 

Leading School Strategy and Innovation 

  • Module 1: Foundational Steps of School Leadership (16 June to 22 June) 
  • Module 2: Diagnosis for Alignment and Action (23 June to 29 June) 
  • Module 3: Leading Innovation (30 June to 6 July) 
  • Module 4: Executing Improvement and Innovation (7 July to 13 July) 

Leading People 

  • Module 1: Schools Where People Thrive (16 June to 22 June)  
  • Module 2: Leaders as Architects (23 June to 29 June) 
  • Module 3: Schools as Learning Organisations (30 June to 6 July) 
  • Module 4: Communications that Nourish Your People (7 July to 13 July) 

Leading Learning 

  • Module 1: Systems-Wide Alignment for Excellent Teaching and Learning (16 June to 22 June) 
  • Module 2: Creating a Strong Instructional and Caring Culture (23 June to 29 June) 
  • Module 3: Developing Your Teachers and Teacher Leaders (30 June to 6 July) 
  • Module 4: Teaching and Learning Beyond the Classroom (7 July to 13 July) 

Optional pre- and post-course webinars  

For more information about these courses and how to apply: 

To consolidate and share learnings amongst Victorian school teams, the Academy will host 2 optional 1-hour webinars: 

  • Tuesday 21 June 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm  
  • Tuesday 12 July 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm  

Leading Change: learn to drive school change and help diverse stakeholders to establish priorities and improve practice. For more information on each of the modules, see the Leading Change syllabus

Leading School Strategy and Innovation: identify existing challenges, incorporate and support innovation, and take a strategic problem-solving approach to planning and school improvement.​ For more information on each of the modules, see the Leading School Strategy and Innovation syllabus

Leading People: learn to manage and motivate staff, foster continuous improvement, and build leadership capabilities among individuals, groups, and teams throughout the school.​ For more information on each of the modules, see the Leading People syllabus

Leading Learning: develop school structures, systems, supports, and culture that can lead to excellent teaching and learning in every classroom, for every student. For more information on each of the modules, see the Leading Learning syllabus

This program is fully subsidised for Victorian government schools. Fully subsidised places are limited to a total of 100 applicants across all 4 CSML courses. 

Submit your application using the Academy application form - only 1 application per team is required.  

As this is a team-based application, principals are responsible for initiating the application process and nominating 2 team members. Upon submission, each team member will receive a confirmation email and request to complete a registration form. 

You will need to choose only 1 of the 4 CSML courses to apply for in this round. Additional courses can be completed in future intakes.  

Last updated 08 April 2022