• Duration
    12-18 months
  • Location
  • Mode
    Online Blended
  • Fees
    Fully Subsidised

Build capability to enhance learning, teaching and leading. 

Clarity Learning Suite aims to build data capability in networks and schools to enable you to work with colleagues to optimise learning growth for students at all levels of achievement. 

You will focus on growth in student learning through evidence-proven assessment and instructional approaches, utilising reflection and data-wise decision-making to take action. 

The Clarity Learning Suite provides a scaffolded model of professional learning to create a culture of shared responsibility and accountability for student growth, attainment and wellbeing.


Designed for Victorian government school teams of approximately 5 including principals, assistant principals, teacher leaders and teachers. Teams could also come from a professional learning community, network or Community of Practice.

Note: individual participants and larger teams would benefit from the course and are welcome to apply.

If you are from a non-government school and are interested in participating, refer to our expression of interest process.  


Clarity Learning Suite was developed by Lyn Sharratt and based on her book CLARITY: What matters MOST in Learning, Teaching and Leading.  

Lyn Sharratt is a fellow of the University of Melbourne, an advisor for International School Leadership with the Ontario Principals’ Council and a leading international education consultant. 

The course is delivered by Lyn Sharratt and her team of experienced learning facilitators.

Over 12 to 18 months you are expected to engage in and contribute to: 

  • 46 online sessions (approx. 20 to 60 minutes each) 
  • self-directed learning (approx. 10 to 15 minutes per session)
  • webinars (optional).

Online sessions 

The Clarity Learning Suite is an online, self-paced professional learning tool that comprises 12 modules that contain a series of sessions that focus on specific themes: 

  • Orientation: 1 module (3 sessions) 
  • Introduction: 1 module (3 sessions)  
  • Learning suite: 3 modules (12 sessions) 
  • Teaching suite: 4 modules (22 sessions) 
  • Leading suite: 3 modules (6 sessions). 

During online sessions, you will explore videos, presentation slides, learning leader notes, processes for collaboration, templates, articles and case studies.

Self-directed learning 

Self-directed learning activities in your own time (approx. 10 to 15 minutes per session) include:

  • reflective journaling  
  • quizzes to check for understanding  
  • pre- and post-session reading. 

There is an emphasis on taking the learning and applying it in your individual school context.


Hosted by Lyn Sharratt, webinars are an opportunity to connect with other participants and will support you to progress through the modules. Webinars will be scheduled for each term and are optional. 

Note: you will be invited to the webinars at various points during the program. 

Intake dates

On demand.

Webinars for new participants are scheduled for: 

  • 7 March 2023 
  • 6 June 2023 
  • 7 August 2023 

You will gain knowledge and understanding of: 

  • shared beliefs and understandings that all children can learn, and all teachers can teach 
  • evidence-informed assessment and instructional approaches 
  • data-wise decision-making to put “FACES” on data and act 
  • a scaffolded model of professional learning for you to collaborate and learn together with a nominated ‘learning leader’ 
  • shared responsibility and accountability for student growth, attainment and wellbeing.  

Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants and regional staff. 

Last updated 09 October 2023