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27 Jun 2024

Emotional intelligence is a leader’s best asset


Are you looking for ways to enhance culture and wellbeing at your school? Now more than ever the school environment calls for emotionally intelligent leadership.

Leaders who lead with self-awareness thrive in challenging environments, while useful strategies and tools can also help when navigating rough moments.

Jo Court

Jo Court, a performing arts teacher at Footscray Primary School, gave her insights from her participation in the Lead, Empower and Thrive with Emotional Intelligence program recently.

She explained, the preferred style of leadership activity was very beneficial to me as a leader but also for my team. It allowed for a greater understanding of what each member values and what factors can potentially aggravate them.’

‘It was also an excellent opportunity for my team to understand my preferred style and for me to remember to 'style flex' depending on the member and situation.’

Jo also said that she found the tools for authentic conversations very helpful as it gave her a scaffold to use during tricky conversations.

‘I have used this approach and find that the result has allowed for a quicker resolution and an opportunity to attend to any misunderstandings.’

Bridget Tellefson

Bridget Tellefson, from Preston High School, valued how the program gave her a deeper understanding of her leadership style, and strengths, and the ability to support and work with staff, students and families.

She said, ‘The focus on flexing leadership styles has built my capacity to connect, effectively lead and understand my team and make an impact at my school.’

She concluded that she was also more aware of her emotions and has a set of evidence-based strategies to help during those difficult times.

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