Celebrating Children’s Book Week at the Academy

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The Academy is proud to celebrate Children’s Book Week. Since 1945, the Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) has been promoting children’s literacy through events and activities run by teachers, school leaders and librarians to get students excited about reading.

This year the theme of Children’s Book Week is “Read, Grow, Inspire”, and the Academy is honouring this theme by highlighting some of our favourite books to teach; one from Simone Eirth, a Principal in Residence, and Francés Braithewaite, one of our Master Teachers. 

Children’s Book Week is running from August 19 to August 25, 2023.

How will your school celebrate this year?

Simone Eirth 

Simone Eirth with her favourite book to teach in celebration Children's Book Week of

Simone Eirth has chosen Mr McGee and the Biting Flea, by Pamela Allen as her favourite book to teach. Simone is a highly experienced primary school principal, and has worked at many different schools in Melbourne, including McKinnon Primary School and Brighton Beach Primary School.

“I love this book - it touches my heart! Whimsical, fun and a little bit naughty,” Simone said.

Francés Braithewaite

Frances Braightwaite with her favourite book to teach in celebration Children's Book Week of

Francés Braithewaite has chosen Room on Our Rock, by Kate Temple, as her favourite book to teach. Francés is a passionate primary school teacher and leader, with over a decade of experience in education.

“I love this cleverly crafted book, which can be read forwards or backwards. This offers two different perspectives while provoking empathy, understanding of multiple viewpoints, and an appreciation for the power of words. It inspires students to approach their own writing with purpose and creativity, as well as to make careful choices with their vocabulary,” she said.

Last updated 24 August 2023