New program helps teachers address challenging topics in schools

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Sometimes it's those 'hard-to-have' conversations or, as our resident master teacher, Anam Javed says, those 'off the table' topics, that are a challenge to address in schools.

For teachers with high-level communication skills, Leading Quality Conversations (LQC) is designed to help you build trust, solve complex problems, and improve outcomes at school.

Our Teaching Excellence program master teacher, Anam Javed, shared how the program gave her the confidence to address those difficult topics.

She explained, "By having the dispositions and skills to undertake deep and difficult conversations in a timely manner, I will be able to influence and work with colleagues to examine practice and behaviours, thus directly impacting the quality of learning for students".

Peter Olah, Anam Javed and Carmen Dennis

Other participants also shared their learnings from the program recently.

Peter Olah, Assistant Principal Wollert Secondary College, commented that LQC gave him the chance to workshop and practice having important conversations.

He also said, “The feedback I received afterwards was invaluable, as was watching others go through the same process”.

Another participant teacher, Carmen Dennis, who hails from Footscray Primary School asserted that the program’s top takeaway was that it provided her with invaluable insight, and the confidence to be more open in conversations.

She goes on to say, “Now, I feel more empowered and confident in my ability to engage openly and authentically in meaningful conversations that hopefully lead to positive outcomes.”

Carmen also stated that the program gave her new insight into her approach to teaching and learning.

“I now aim to model open dialogue in my classrooms, inviting students to engage in meaningful conversations that enhance the quality and authenticity of our learning environment.”

Last updated 07 June 2024