The Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership is seeking expressions of interest from retired principals to become a mentor as part of the following programs:

Mentors play a critical role providing principals and assistant principals with first-hand experience and an understanding of the exciting, unique and challenging aspects of the role.  

As a mentor, you will support mentees in gaining:

  • greater personal satisfaction and growth  
  • improved decision-making skills   
  • increased confidence in professional competencies  
  • the opportunity to discuss new ideas before implementing them  
  • improved emotional wellbeing.

Additionally, as a mentor, you will:

  • continue your contribution towards education and improving student outcomes  
  • gain new skills and insights from your mentee   
  • gain opportunities for self-reflection to grow both personally and professionally  
  • develop partnerships and network with other like-minded retired principals. 

Mentor requirements

To be considered for the role you must be a retired principal who is not currently employed in the teaching or public service. 

More information

To be considered, submit an expression of interest.

For more information contact Alexandra Mitea, Senior Strategic Project Officer.

Last updated 01 September 2022