15 September 2022

Tracey Ezard on Ferocious Warmth Leadership

The impact of leadership on student and school improvement cannot be underestimated.
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According to Tracey Ezard’s ferocious warmth leadership approach, educational leadership requires a healthy balance of head and heart, cognitive and emotional reasoning, people, and task focus.

In this recording, Tracey focuses on the importance of self-understanding in leading others, and useful ways to recalibrate and build an approach of Ferocious Warmth leadership.  

The leadership tactics discussed can assist you to navigate the modern-day complexities of teaching and educational leadership.

About Tracey Ezard

Tracey Ezard is an educator, a National Fellow of the Australian Council of Education Leaders and a Certified Speaking Professional. She has a background in teaching, educational leadership, and business and project management.

Length: 1:30:54


Last updated 15 September 2022