24 April 2023

Three Capabilities for Leading Improvement with Viviane Robinson

Explore the capabilities that support impact in school improvement with Viviane Robinson.
  • Video
  • Seminar

Leading school improvement is a challenging and rewarding role for educational leaders. It means disrupting aspects of business as usual,  and learning more effective ways of working with students and colleagues to achieve positive results.

Through this webinar recording you will explore the 3 capabilities required for school improvement and explain why they have been given prominence in the Leadership Excellence Framework developed by the Academy. 

About Viviane Robinson

Viviane Robinson is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and Visiting Professor at University College London. She has devoted her academic career to investigating and developing the capabilities leaders need to work productively with their teachers to improve student well-being and achievement. Her research and service to the profession has led to numerous national and international awards from academic and professional associations.

Length: 1:14:57, session begins from 2:09


Last updated 29 May 2023