Practitioner inquiry with Christopher Hudson and RMIT’s Amanda Berry

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2023 Teaching Excellence Program (TEP) Master Teacher, Christopher Hudson, is joined by educational thought leader, Professor Amanda Berry, from RMIT University. 
In this episode Chris and Amanda delve into the power of teachers engaging in practitioner inquiry, both individually and collectively. They unpack self-study and consider the dispositions and traits that teachers need to successfully critique and improve their practice. 
What is practitioner inquiry? 
Practitioner inquiry is the 'in-classroom' intentional study of teaching practice and student learning. 

Who can 'do' practitioner inquiry?
While the Academy's year long Teaching Excellence Program involves a practitioner inquiry cycle - all educators can benefit from self-reflection practitioner inquiry by remaining curious about what classroom patterns and approaches generate the best student engagement and outcomes. 
Amanda’s paper on tensions: 
Berry, A. (2007). Re-conceptualizing teacher educator knowledge as tensions: Exploring the tension between valuing and reconstructing experience. Studying Teacher Education, 3(2), 117–134. https://doi.org/10.1080/17425960701656510

Length: 49:51

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Last updated 12 September 2023