20 November 2019

Assessment and Feedback in the Numeracy Classroom

Discover the tools and strategies you can use to link assessment with instruction and learning in the numeracy classroom.
  • Video
  • Seminar

Learn about the assessment tools and practical strategies you can use to support planning and learning in mathematics in this webinar hosted by education consultant and former school principal, Narissa Leung.

This recording provides an in-depth look at the assessment tools available through the Department of Education and Training, opportunities to reflect on your mathematics assessment practices and elements of effective formative assessment.

Gain a deeper understanding of the effective use of data and evidence in the teaching and learning cycle and the role of feedback. Learn about balanced approaches to numeracy assessment and a range of formative assessment tools and strategies.

This resource was developed by the former Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership.  

Length: 1:30:26


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