Dr Barbara Blackburn uses rigour to motivate and engage

Rigour involves raising expectations and teaching and learning to the highest level.
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Dr Barbara Blackburn has dedicated her life to raising the level of rigour, engagement and motivation for professional educators and students. Barbara’s an educator, an international speaker, a consultant and an author of 23 best-selling books.

In this podcast, Barbara talks about how her interest in rigour and motivation in education developed when she was a teacher – if you can't motivate students, then it's difficult to do anything else. She explores the myths around rigour – that it's not about more work and it's not only for certain students, it's about quality and depth of learning.

Discover what's at the top of Barbara's 'rigour checklist', the obstacles to achieving rigour, and her recommended strategies for motivating educators and students to achieve it.

Length: 29:00

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Last updated 12 April 2022