Evidence to support Communities of Practice

There is a range of evidence that sits behind the Communities of Practice approach.
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Building the capacity and knowledge of system leaders to drive improvement is critical to the success of the Communities of Practice (CoP) approach in Victoria’s education system.

To achieve the Education State vision, each network in Victoria must adopt the CoP approach when focussing on school improvement elements.

Explore the research underpinning this work with this fact sheet.

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Communities of Practice roles and responsibilities

The Communities of Practice approach supports the ambitious and powerful vison for Victoria’s education system outlined in the Education State.

This publication outlines a set of guidelines to assist with network governance and supports network chairs and executives to fulfil their roles confidently and effectively in a CoP.

Communities of Practice self-assessment tool

The ability for networks to reflect and grow their Communities of Practice approach is critical to success.

This publication outlines the different elements of the self-assessment and how they are used to achieve progression.

Last updated 20 April 2022