18 December 2023

Collective Leader Efficacy with Peter DeWitt

In this webinar, Dr Peter DeWitt provides an insightful session on empowering leadership and fostering a sense of efficacy among educators.
  • Video
  • Seminar

Designed for school leaders and teacher leaders, this webinar will focus on fostering collective leader efficacy among school teams. 

In this webinar you will:

  • learn how to analyse the drivers necessary for your school leadership team to impact student learning.
  • explore how you can build coherence between your school leadership team and practices in your school to positively impact student outcomes and growth.
  • learn how to use a cycle of inquiry to develop a theory of action.

Peter is the author of Collective Leader Efficacy: Strengthening the Impact of Instructional Leadership Teams.

About Peter DeWitt

Dr Peter DeWitt's areas of expertise include instructional leadership, developing collective efficacy among leadership teams, and fostering inclusive school climates.

Peter coaches school-based leaders, directors, instructional coaches and teacher leaders as well as school-based leadership teams both in-person and remotely.

Peter also facilitates professional learning nationally and internationally. 

He is the series editor for the Connected Educator Series and the Impact Series which includes books by Viviane Robinson, Andy Hargreaves, Pasi Sahlberg, Yong Zhao and Michael Fullan. He is the 2013 School Administrators Association of New York State's (SAANYS) Outstanding Educator of the Year, and the 2015 Education Blogger of the Year (Academy of Education Arts & Sciences) and sits on numerous advisory boards.

Length: 1:15:12


Last updated 19 December 2023