03 November 2022

Beyond Learner Engagement with Valerie Hannon

Look beyond the idea of ‘learner engagement’ and explore what is learning for?
  • Video
  • Seminar

Hosted by global thought leader Valerie Hanon, this recording introduces research findings and insights around the future-focused design principles for schools.

Explore how these principles are being brought to life around the world and how they influence passionate engagement of learners as agents in their own learning journeys. 

Examine the importance of narrative, how the predominant narrative about schooling is holding us back, and how a future-focused narrative needs to be co-created by everyone to have lasting impact.

About Valerie Hannon

Valerie Hannon is a global educational thought leader and co-founder of both Innovation Unit and of the Global Education Leaders Partnership. Formerly a secondary mathematics teacher, Valerie is an adviser to the OECD in its Education 2030 project and a regular keynote speaker and facilitator at international conferences and workshops, drawing upon substantial research and publications. 


Length: 1:12:46


Last updated 10 May 2023