Spearheading STEM innovation in the classroom


Teaching Innovation Fellowship fellow Quyen Thai, Christ the King Catholic Primary School

Quyen Thai’s teaching innovation project enhances teaching and learning in STEM while addressing language barriers.

Can you summarise your teaching innovation project?  

My teaching innovation project revolves around teaching STEM in a way that also elevates language learning within my school, which has a high proportion of English language learners. As many of my students' first language is not English, there are often challenges around learning in this regard. With my fellowship, I am trialling the implementation of a new inquiry-based unit on aviation. My students learn sophisticated scientific terminology within theories, for example Bernoulli's theory, and apply it to their designs and models of flight.

What impact do you hope to make?  

I'm hoping to achieve excellent teaching of STEM at our school.

Can you describe the value of taking part in a fellowship? 

There is so much value in taking part in a fellowship. Before this experience, I was not very research focused and I am now trialling new approaches based on research to improve teaching and learning and ultimately improve student outcomes. This fellowship has also provided me a lot of support on how to lead and better empathise with my colleagues and improve my relationships with other teachers in the school in a professional sense.

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Last updated 22 August 2023