Where art meets science: Engaging students in creating sustainable artworks for a greener future

Teaching Innovation Fellowship fellows Birra Li Ward and Sarah Edwards, Frankston High School

Through their Teaching Innovation Fellowship, Art teacher Birra-li Ward and Science teacher Sarah Edwards are working together to design and implement interdisciplinary STEAM learning experiences for students, with a focus on exploring and learning about sustainability.

Can you summarise your teaching innovation project?  

Our teaching innovation engages students and teachers in exploring the UN sustainability goals through a collaboration of art and science, having students develop artworks from biomaterials.

What impact do you hope to make?

Through our project, we want to build our students knowledge on the purpose and need for the UN sustainability goals both locally and globally. We would like to see our students and teachers gain greater awareness of the environmental impact of materials we use in our teaching and learning. More importantly we want to see an increase in student numbers in STEAM electives at Frankston High School as well as more interdisciplinary collaboration between departments at our school.

What have you found valuable in taking part in the Teaching Innovation Fellowship?

As Arts and Science teachers it has been great to collaborate in creating interdisciplinary learning experiences for our students. The support and time release provided to us to plan and collaborate for the project has been invaluable.

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Last updated 03 October 2023