The five domains

There are five domains of practice that excellent leaders work in to contribute to excellence and equity for every Victorian student.

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Five domains in the Academy leadership Excellence Framework infographic


These five domains link closely to The Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) principal professional practices. You can find more out about building leadership through the domains by visiting the AITSL page, 'Resources to build leadership in Australian schools'.


Resources for schools

This domain focuses on:

  • knowing that improved student learning and wellbeing outcomes are reliant on excellent teaching
  • understanding that excellence can only be achieved when teachers and leaders work collaboratively across all three areas of teaching, learning and wellbeing.

This domain focuses on:

  • deepening leadership practices as well as developing others’ leadership potential.
  • developing collaborative capacity that enables distributed leadership.

This domain focuses on:

  • working with others to produce and implement clear, evidence-based improvement plans and policies for the development of the school and its facilities
  • leading and managing innovation and change to ensure the vision and strategic plan is implemented and goals are realised.

This domain focuses on:

  • creating a physical and social environment that enables teachers to teach well and students to learn, thrive and succeed.
  • strategically managing resources of time, money, materials and personnel to ensure alignment between school and team goals.

This domain focuses on:

  • embracing community through accessing and leveraging the cultural and educational resources of families, thus enabling teachers, parents and caregivers to work together in the best interest of the child.

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Last updated 18 October 2023