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Academy podcasts

Conversations with some of the world’s biggest thought leaders in education. Listen below, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Dr Gary Stager and the new, now, wow in technology

This episode delves into the ever-evolving technology and computational environments used to support both student and educator learning. With a focus on practical and engaging project-based numeracy development, this a must-listen episode for classroom teachers with the desire to improve student outcomes in mathematics.

Government Schools Principals Conference 2023: Visual Reflections

Check out the graphic illustrations that capture the inspiring messages from our Government Schools Principals’ Conference 2023.

Questioning the Essence of Student Engagement with James Nottingham

Part of the Thought Leadership Series, James Nottingham discusses the distinction between authentic engagement and compliance, reveals how to interpret students' subtle cues, and provides practical tools to help make students' learning purposeful.

Recordings: Thought Leadership Series

Featuring some of the biggest names in education, our Thought Leadership Series delves into the latest research, big ideas and innovations that affect educators and students.

Academy Leadership Excellence Framework:

The Academy Leadership Excellence Framework (ALEF) sets out the practices, capabilities and dispositions required for excellence at all levels of leadership.​