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Communities of Practice overview

Effective school networks are at the heart of implementing the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes.

This publication outlines the Communities of Practice approach and the role networks play.

Networks as Communities of Practice

Successful education systems have principals who are well connected to their peers through active partnerships or learning networks of schools. In Victoria, these learning networks are known as Communities of Practice.

This publication outlines how to embed a networked system of schools to powerfully lift the performance and achievement of all students.

Communities of Practice roles and responsibilities

The Communities of Practice approach supports the ambitious and powerful vison for Victoria’s education system outlined in the Education State.

This publication outlines a set of guidelines to assist with network governance and supports network chairs and executives to fulfil their roles confidently and effectively in a CoP.

Skills, expertise and dispositions matrices

Develop the right skills, expertise and dispositions to support the communities of practice approach as a network executive or network chair.

This worksheet allows you to reflect on your areas of competency and identify opportunities for improvement.

Evidence to support Communities of Practice

There is a range of evidence that sits behind the Communities of Practice approach.

Explore the research underpinning this work with this fact sheet.

Network chair expression of interest

Lead a Community of Practice in your network.

Use this document to develop your candidate statement to lead a Community of Practice.