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    4 hours
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    DET Fully subsidised

The psychology of helping adults change what they do.

In this practical workshop, hosted by Simon Breakspear, you will explore what psychological research suggests is the best way to respond to the resistance that emerges during an improvement journey.

Anchored in implementation and behavioural science research,  this workshop will provide a clear framework and practical tools to enable you to support deep and sustained changes in the professional practices that matter most.

You will: 

  • examine the challenge of adult behaviour change
  • unpack simple and effective strategies for getting unstuck and building momentum
  • apply practical tools to unlock meaningful progress in the change work you are already committed to.


Designed for principal class members, school leadership teams, and system leaders. 

Dr Simon Breakspear 

Simon Breakspear

Dr Simon Breakspear is a researcher, policy advisor and speaker on education policy, practice and change.

Simon develops frameworks, tools and programs that make evidence-based ideas easy to understand and apply.

Simon and his team partner with schools and systems around the world. Over the last decade, he has worked with over 100,000 educators across 10 countries and is known for his engaging, practical and evidence-informed approach.



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Last updated 22 August 2022