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    1 Day
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    DET Fully Subsidised

Develop your capacity to support your colleagues to deliver high quality mathematics teaching.

The Numeracy Leader Area Workshops will explore effective leadership qualities and approaches, and develop your capacity to collaborate with colleagues to improve mathematics teaching and learning.

You will focus on unpacking mathematical thinking including its connection to the mathematics proficiencies and how it can be harnessed to engage students.

Note: the 2022 Numeracy Leader Area Workshops build on the content delivered in 2021, but no prior knowledge or participation is required.


Designed for Victorian government school teachers and leaders with responsibility for leading numeracy improvement in their primary or secondary school. Roles can include:  

  • numeracy leaders
  • learning specialists
  • mathematics specialists
  • classroom teachers (working in a leadership role with aspects of mathematics and/or numeracy)
  • professional learning community leaders
  • regional staff who work with schools to improve numeracy and maths outcomes for students.

If you are from a non-government school and are interested in participating, please contact the course coordinator to discuss eligibility.

Note: a maximum of 2 enrolments per school will apply due to capacity constraints.


Developed and facilitated by mathematics specialists from Monash University.

You are expected to engage in and contribute to:

  • pre-workshop activities (1 hour)
  • an online workshop (6 hours).

Pre-workshop activities

Prior to the workshop, you will need to:

  • complete a ‘tell us about yourself’ activity
  • identify a commonly used teaching resource
  • action a reflection task.  

Note: You will receive further instructions regarding pre-workshop activities approximately 2 weeks prior to the workshop commencing.

Online workshop

Over 6 hours, you will:

  • engage in a range of presentations
  • take part in break-out room discussions and collaborative tasks with colleagues from your area. 

You will gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • the qualities and practices of effective school mathematics leaders
  • professional learning practices that can improve mathematics knowledge and teaching
  • mathematical thinking, the proficiencies in the Victorian Curriculum and how to co-design mathematical thinking tasks
  • how to enhance your capacity to gather and analyse data and negotiate goals and plans to improve; planning, teaching, and learning of individual teachers, teams of teachers and staff across the school.  

You will develop the skills to:  

  • negotiate individual learning goals with colleagues including out-of-field secondary mathematics teachers and primary teachers who may wish to improve their mathematics teaching capabilities
  • co-design mathematical thinking tasks using existing resources
  • gather data to plan and monitor actions to improve teaching and learning at the individual, team and school level.

Fully subsidised by the Victorian Department of Education and Training for Victorian government school participants.

For more information about fees and subsidies, see Fees and financial support.

Admission will be dependent on meeting the audience criteria and successful participants will be notified via email.


  • whilst you are encouraged to register for the intake aligned to your Area, you are welcome to register for a workshop date that is most convenient for you and your school.
  • school staff will be prioritised over department employees
  • a maximum of 2 enrolments per school will apply due to capacity constraints.
Last updated 16 August 2022