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Literacy Local Leaders

Literacy Local Leaders will strengthen your pedagogical content knowledge and ability to apply literacy principles providing you with strategies to lead literacy improvement in your school or context.
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Literacy Local Leaders
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    Develop essential leadership capabilities and dispositions to lead literacy improvement in your school.

    Literacy Local Leaders will strengthen your pedagogical content knowledge and ability to apply literacy principles, providing you with strategies to lead literacy improvement in your school or context. 

    You will build your capacity to implement practices that promote and influence explicit and high-impact literacy teaching. 

    Collaborate with peers to take advantage of the program's area-based delivery design and learn within your immediate network of colleagues. 

    You will be empowered to enhance your literacy teaching capabilities, whether you're an individual teacher, leader, or part of a small school group. 


    Designed for primary and secondary school teachers and leaders with strong practice in English and literacy, as well as teacher leaders, such as leading teachers, learning specialists, professional learning community leaders, literacy and curriculum leaders. 

    Designed for departmental leaders, such as Education Improvement Leader and Teaching Partners. 


    Literacy Local Leaders has been collaboratively designed by Wilcob Education and the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership.  

    Structure of program

    Over the 6 months, you will engage in and contribute to:  

    • 6 face-to-face workshops (9.00 am – 3.30 pm)  
    • mentoring sessions (3.30 pm – 4.30 pm optional) 
    • asynchronous learning.  

    Face-to-face workshops 

    Face-to-face workshops are delivered over 6 full days.  

    The focus will be on the pedagogical content knowledge, leadership capabilities and dispositions that you require to model and lead others in literacy improvement strategies in your school and network. 

    Mentoring workshops  

    At the end of each workshop, there will be an optional 60-minute mentoring opportunity available to Literacy Local Leaders participants.  

    These workshops are an opportunity to receive support to undertake individual and team leadership projects.  

    Asynchronous learning  

    Up to 18 hours of asynchronous learning activities in your own time include exploring a range of resources and activities to prepare for workshops and support further learning. This includes an applied learning project.  

    Reflection journal  

    Throughout the course you will maintain an online reflection journal that will be read and responded to by your Master Trainer facilitators.   

    Area and or network Literacy Master Trainers will deliver the course in collaboration with Wilcob Education.

    Learning outcomes

    You will gain knowledge and understanding of: 

    • the leadership professional practices, capabilities and dispositions as they relate to specialised literacy leadership in schools 
    • how to enhance literacy learning for diverse student cohorts and the evidence-based pedagogical practices for literacy teaching 
    • the interrelationship of learning and wellbeing. 
    • content knowledge in reading, writing, vocabulary, spelling, oral language, formative assessment, and practices that develop self-empowered and motivated literacy learners.  
    • literacy practices that demonstrate High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) in action 
    • effective literacy assessment procedures and models 
    • features of high-quality professional learning and development which links to the annual implementation plan. 

    You will develop the skills to: 

    • model the leadership professional practices (AITSL), capabilities and dispositions with confidence as they relate to specialised literacy leadership in schools  
    • reflect on existing instructional practices for literacy  
    • use adaptive expertise to lead complex challenges in school settings 
    • develop and implement instructional improvement plans that improve teaching, and enhance student learning and achievement 
    • provide ongoing feedback, assessment of understanding and skill acquisition  
    • structure rigorous inquiry into content, design and impact within different contexts  
    • facilitate and evaluate professional learning designed to improve teaching and learning 
    • influence explicit, high-impact literacy teaching 
    • build strong connections within a network to learn, discuss and collaborate when implementing literacy improvement approaches. 

    Fees and financial support

    Fully subsidised by the Department of Education for Victorian government school participants.

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